RepeatMasker-Amborella Transposable Elements

RepeatMasker search against a database of amborella transposbale elements. Repeat names are designated by prefix representing the assigned taxonomy of the element as discussed in Wicker et al 2007.

Prefix Identification:
RLC = Copia LTR Retrotransposon.
RLG = Gypsy LTR Retrotransposon.
RLX = Unknown LTR Retrotransposon
RLEPRV = Endogenous Pararetroviruses
RIL = L1 LINE Retrotransposon
DTA = hAT DNA Transposons
DTM = Mutator DNA Transposons
DTH = PIF-Harbinger DNA Transposons
DTC = CACTA DNA Transposons.